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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Tying up loose ends

Well I guess blogging and knitting are low priorities lately, I am just about to finish up some other life changing issues which took all the creative energy I could pull out.

Not necessarily in order of importance:

I am working my last day at Dr. Fleiss' office on Monday December 31, 2007. My Monday-only part-time job as a front office Lady Friday and Breastfeeding Expert helped to fund the extravagant yarn hoarding over the last 3 years or so. Yarn purchases are slowing to a crawl and will inevitably become rare until I can work again.

Which brings me to another life-changer: the new baby I have diligently gestated is nearing completion, there are 2-4 weeks remaining in this most uncomfortable pregnancy yet. I've heard women say that births get easier but pregnancies get more difficult with age. I definitely agree with the pregnancy part, I hope the birth part goes along with it.

The Birthday/ Holiday/ Birthday/ Holiday/ Birthday/ Holiday/ Birthday/ Holiday season is just about over thankfully!!!! How I loathe the Fall-Winter holidays especially because we have 3 birthdays and 4 holidays crammed into 3 months. My dad's birthday is December 27, but since he passed away a couple years ago, that has lightened the load a touch. Now we'll be having the Birthday/ Holiday/ Birthday/ Holiday/ Birthday/ Holiday/ Holiday/ Birthday season to look forward to each year.

So that's the news, at least most of it. I am spending all my free computer time at Ravelry, and the projects are nearly all updated, excepting projects that need pictures. There are only a portion of the items I have knitted on Ravelry, because there were so many that never were neither photographed nor blogged about, or maybe I just frogged the darn thing and don't want to put it in Ravelry. Que sera sera.