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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Wherefor Art Thou?

I am not knitting anything new, but have been organizing the mega yarn stash and ripping out everything that I don't like anymore. Ikea closet organizers are the bomb. I have created a mini yarn store in the den closet. [pic to magically appear one day here]

Kaden turned 9 on June 15th, it was really fun, he was so pleased with the Magic Wand made by Shea [bro, 11yrs], he loved the Igloo Hat by me, but the best gift was from Riley [bro, 6yrs] and Eric: the full set of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figures. First we went to lunch, then to sadistic Ice Skating for 2 hours, which was quite painful yet refreshingly cool, like being slapped by giant ice hands. The hat came in handy here, too bad I didn't finish the Rattler Scarf in time to wear ice skating. Outside, the temperature in Burbank CA was about 90F, too hot to paint ceramic bisque-ware at Color Me Mine, Kaden decided he could skip that activity, so we went home to recuperate.

I turned 36 on July 10th, and I had an all Japanese day in Little Tokyo where we had yummy food and Mikawaya pastries instead of birthday cake. At Kinokuniya bookstore I bought 2 books and ordered 2 more, what makes Ondori books so good?! I know there should be pictures here, but I am so bad at taking pictures, it kills the motivation.

Also I am pregnant [officially staying pregnant and not bleeding as much]. That explains why I was feeling so low and tired all the time! As I get older, I notice some female problems such as irregular periods, super intense PMS and bleeding while pregnant happen regularly when they never were an issue before. I am so annoyed!

All WIPs that won't fit me for a year are being frogged and the yarn being reassigned. All sweaters are being resized, and only bags, wraps and shawls will make it to the coveted spot on top of the yarn bench. This is where I huck the WIPs before falling asleep at 4am.

My new obsession is knitting Diaper Covers, so far I have a bunch of patterns for soakers and pants, plus a couple for wraps, which I used to purchase for about $20 per cover when I cloth diapered the other 3 boys. I think my crazy knitting skills will save a lot of money, maybe I'll start a little diaper cover business on the side if it brings in yarn money.