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Monday, September 03, 2007

Nasty Heat Wave

Right now it's 101F/ 38C. This feels relatively cool compared to yesterday, and the preceeding week! The temperature yesterday registered 107F outside in the shade, and 105F inside my house with the windows shut [we have NO AIR CONDITIONER WHATSOEVER], too hot for me. I took a few cold showers then went to the mall where it wasn't exactly an oasis, it was nearly as hot, plus it was MOBBED! Not a vacant seat in the house, standing room only! There was to be no sitting nor knitting.

Instead of knitting, I did join the Hemlock Ring Blanket KAL. I am not sure I like Knitalongs though... takes a lot of energy away from the actual pleasure of knitting.

I see there is also a Skif KAL which I haven't joined for a couple reasons, one being my tepid feeling toward KALs. Skif reminds me of Suss and Habu designs, kind of loosely knit and drapey, like the New Wave Holocaust style of the 1980's. Cool, and likely this is the up and coming retro style trend, but I don't LOVE any of the 4 pattern styles available for purchase, and each pattern costs ::ahem:: $20. I like a few of the other designs, but no patterns! Maybe I'll write a letter...


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