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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Morehouse Merino

Kaden's birthday package from Morehouse Farm arrived today, he brought the mail into the house and announced that I received yarn. I am always waiting for yarn or knitting books to be delivered since I cannot take my kids into an LYS without lots of planning, so my mostly sweet dudes make a big deal about yarn-mail. My boys are good, they just won't shop.

There is a rope-like texture in the new style Bulky yarn. I really loved the old style Bulky which was like roving, it was very lightly spun and unplied which looked really cool knitted in seed stitch. I casted on for the hat in the morning and casted off about 4 hours later, that was really really really fast, yahoo.

Also, the Purl Bee Beret was blocked and came out way too big, the sagging was horrible, so I frogged it. Was this thing supposed to be blocked? Who knows, but I'll never cast on another single rib beret using the Cable Cast On. The 1" band was so absurdly stretchy, the hat looked like it had melted onto my head.


Blogger TracyKM said...

There is a version of the cable cast on that is great for ribbing, called "Alternate Cable Cast On" in Montse Stanley's Encyclopedia of Knitting. You alternate between going inbetween the stitches like a knit st, and like a purl st....but when you do it knitwise (like normal cable cast on), the yarn is at the front (like normal) and when you go in purlwise, the yarn is at the back. SO you've got to be able to think about it while you do it or it gets confusing. It looks very similiar to the tubular cast on, but is easier. I use it all the time now for ribbing.
The beret was cute though!

18/6/07 9:44 AM

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