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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Seam the Shoulders, Do It Now!

Yes, seam the shoulders... that's been next for awhile, I am stalled at this point in my Lady of the Lake sweater/ jacket. I hate seaming, and for me, procrastination is the most common side effect of seam avoidance. There are so many other alternatives out there, take for example:
  1. visible seams
  2. crooked seams
  3. uneven sides
  4. and [last but not least] bunching
I should be able to pick one of these 4 uglier choices and get on with finishing, make it an FO. WHY wait? This thing needs sleeves and collar right now! Aw, nope, maybe tomorrow.

Here's what's sitting atop the WIP pile. A beautifully spongy and huggable torso unit, waiting SO PATIENTLY for attention, as inanimate objects tend to wait very patiently.

I checked out a completed Lady of the Lake, it is beautiful, see for yourself here. Yep. That's what I'm talking about.