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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Morehouse Merino

Kaden's birthday package from Morehouse Farm arrived today, he brought the mail into the house and announced that I received yarn. I am always waiting for yarn or knitting books to be delivered since I cannot take my kids into an LYS without lots of planning, so my mostly sweet dudes make a big deal about yarn-mail. My boys are good, they just won't shop.

There is a rope-like texture in the new style Bulky yarn. I really loved the old style Bulky which was like roving, it was very lightly spun and unplied which looked really cool knitted in seed stitch. I casted on for the hat in the morning and casted off about 4 hours later, that was really really really fast, yahoo.

Also, the Purl Bee Beret was blocked and came out way too big, the sagging was horrible, so I frogged it. Was this thing supposed to be blocked? Who knows, but I'll never cast on another single rib beret using the Cable Cast On. The 1" band was so absurdly stretchy, the hat looked like it had melted onto my head.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Purl Bee Beret

On a whim, I made the Purl Bee Beret. It requires only 1 skein of Koigu PPPM (175yds)! I love single skein patterns, especially in combination with Koigu sock yarn and Addi needles, it feels so smooth! Actually the last half of knitting became increasingly stressful because I thought I would run out of yarn:

There's only 55"/ 140cm of yarn remaining down in the right corner, yet there are still 38 stitches on the needles and more rows to knit... but I finished with 6.5"/ 16cm remaining after completing exactly 1" of icord! yay, total relief! I was seriously going to rip the entire thing due to yarn-shortage-anxiety. And sometimes, when I drive to a new location, I'll U-turn prematurely.

These are the best photos of my unblocked beret, it looks like a shower cap. I will block it then take final pictures. [I like the blurry photo slightly better, but they are both kinda so-so, I look different in person.]

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Kaden's Birthday Wishes

Kaden is turning 9 years on June 15. He wishes me to knit a Morehouse Merino hat and scarf!! That's right, it's summer and we live in Los Angeles, hot sweaty Los Angeles!

And all I said was "Which color do you like?"

Then Kaden picked out 2 items which totally reflect his vibrant personality:

He wants an Igloo Hat

in Salamander Bulky
and a Rattler Scarf Knit Kit
in Vert with Geranium
These are pretty wonderful!

Friday, May 04, 2007

Ranger 1st Class Reporting for Duty

Space Scout Kaden and I are co-piloting this heap. I wear space goggles for better intergalactic vision.


Score Level Rank

999,999 and up L-7 Galactic Hero
600,001-999,999 L-6 Cosmic Commando
300,001-600,000 L-5 Ranger 1st Class
100,001-300,000 L-4 Space Scout
010,001-100,000 L-3 Planetary Pilot
001,001-010,000 L-2 Space Ace
000,000-001,000 L-1 Star Cadet