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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Ripping P90

Hey I noticed a mistake in the P90 tank top, I decided to fix it, my center decrease is off-center in the beginning of the fourth and final triangle, I cannot leave it seeing as the center decrease is visually important.

The lump in question at the point between the 2 triangles, in the middle of the photo. The stitch marker is another mistake which is very easy to fix.

I posted to the Multidirectional Knitting yahoogroup, and got a response, cool. The suggestion didn't work, boo, so I ripped the whole thing, and will see if I can re-knit the piece. I am not up to it at the moment. Perhaps I'll rip the other side too?

Friday, October 13, 2006

P90 FO

I just finished Iris Schreier's Artyarns P90 Tank. It was totally fun to knit, I was able to get gauge with Cherry Tree Hill Cotton Rainbow Ribbon which feels and looks awesome. But in the time it took to knit this lovely top, the weather changed from hot and summer-like to cold and rainy, with some hail and lightning. Timing is important in choosing garments. I think I'll wear it anyway.

The problem with starting a bunch of projects is finishing them! I have been knitting a lot, though I have also ripped a lot. My gauge sucks basically. I have been able to keep my gauge the same from swatching to seaming by 'virtue' of knitting tightly, and now that I have normal tension, and can match pattern gauges, I cannot rely on my tension to be the same twice in a row. Until my tension affliction can be resolved, I think I should work on fewer projects at a time so they can be knitted more evenly.

I'll be reknitting this on smaller needles: Blue Sky Alpacas Cropped Cardigan, knitted with Blue Sky Alpacas Sportweight in red #23. My gauge started out looking fine, but resulted in a huge garment, because my gauge was off 1/4-1/2 stitch adding ~4 inches to the width, yowza! [and I was so very close to the end... just one little sleeve away].I grabbed all these photos from kpixie, the site I love for buying patterns, shipping for patterns only is a mere $2, such a bargain! For anyone wanting a picture I took of these actual garments, I still haven't bought batteries, I may never take another photo. My heart is not in photography.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Cocktail Recipe:

How to make a Jules

1 cup Ice Cubes

1 cup Enthusiasm

1 cup Impetus

1/2 cup Analysis (optional)

large handful Good Luck

generous squeeze Derring-Do (or any brand Bravery)
With eyes shut, toss ingredients in the air. Use magic and acrobat skills to catch it all in a metal blender carafe. Pulse several times to crush ice, then blend continuously on high speed until smooth. Pour directly into mouth, or use beer bong if one is available. Will not keep.

Personality cocktail
From Go-Quiz.com