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Saturday, November 11, 2006


I am in knitting purgatory lately. Truly I am starting to wonder about how so many projects go haywire, and I never seem to notice until the second sleeve, weird.

I started another Fleece Artist pattern. This one's called Jane Origami Sweater or Jane Crossover Sweater. This is knit sideways, which really shows gauge problems. In fact I am having a gauge problem which is how I know this about sideways knitting. The cast on edge is about 1" wider than the other side, and I am really torn about whether to rip the entire thing out or not. Now would be a good time to kill it since I merely knit one sleeve, not both. My husband thinks this should be a good lesson in something like torture, I admit to not listening, did he mean plug through to the bitter end? Sounds like an invitation to tears and disaster, ew.

PS I did rip everything, there were a couple mistakes I must fix, a missing stitch, varying gauge, and knitting the sleeves in the round instead of flat with seams. Here we go again.

and I finished Liz's baby shower gift, the pinkish melonish multidirectional blanket. It came out to 31" square, with a little yarn leftover, which was possibly for a crochet border, or a picked up garter border. This is knit with one long strand of yarn, from a giant 840g skein, and there was absolutely no seaming, sewing or extra finishing whatsoever :)

disclaimer: the color is way off, this is not accurate color representation.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow - what a beautiful baby blanket....

10/12/06 5:46 AM


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